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Boards Furniture: The products which fell into the category of our board furniture includes different kinds of boards such as Projection Board, Ceramic Writing Board, Magnetic Chalk Writing Board, Marker Board, Notice Board, Easels and Metal stands, Green Chalk Board and many more. The best thing about these boards is the excellent surface quality which makes them highly durable and easy to use. These products will help you to present yourself in a better in front of your clients. Moreover all of these products are available at very cheap prices, so you buy them in bulk also.

Audio & Visual Room Furniture: Duke Furniture is also offering high quality of audio visual equipments furniture for your school or college. We have furniture that goes very aptly with the most of the latest audio-visual equipments. This furniture will provide a sound study environment and help the students to unleash their creativity in a better way. uniform structure than the natural wood, but also to avoid rot, infestation and other issues, while its expansion and contraction of a small, easy to process. These can fight moisture, have no rough edges and gives your audio-video equipments a longer life.

Reception Furniture: Reception area of an office is the most important area of an office as it is the first place which catches the attention of any outside person. Thus it has to look good, proper and in perfect condition. For doing so, you need best quality of reception furniture which Duke furniture can provide you easily. Our reception desk furniture range includes modular reception units in real wood facing with free on-site assembly. We can also arrange reception unit with your company's name on it.

Classroom Chairs

A.V Room Chair
Code : WC 856
Classroom Chairs

A.V Room Chair
Code : DBR002
School Classroom Chairs

A.V Room Chair
Code : DBR003

Playschool Classroom Chairs

Wooden A.V Room Chair
Code : DBR004
Green Chalk Board

DB-611 Pin Board

White Board

Projection Board
Code : DBR006

Notice Board

DB-614 Green Chalk board

Kids Room Interior

Boards/ A.V Room/ Reception
Code : DBR008
Computer Table

Computer Table Furniture
Code : Computer Table 01

Reception Room Interior

Office Reception Furniture
Code : Reception Table
Reception Room Chairs

Reception Room Furniture
Code : DBR011
Locker Racks

Boards/ A.V Room/ Reception
Code : DBR012
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