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Duke furniture works for furnishing the classroom with the rudimentary supplies of classroom furniture which includes classroom chair, classroom table, classroom desk, classroom benches etc. Our company manufactures classroom furniture which can provide kids a safe and functional, yet inspirational space to learn. Our range of classroom furniture is flexible and offers a great comfort level and can accommodate students of various age groups. Here we are going to describe some of the features of our furniture's:

The seat height of our chairs is not too big or too small, and thus, it can accommodate kids and make them feel comfortable. We can also deliver chairs made from soft plastic, which is lightweight and easy to move around the classroom. Soft plastic chairs tend to be less expensive and perfect choice for classroom where students have to sit for a short duration of time. We have become the most preferred classroom furniture suppliers, as we can supply furniture as per the budget of the customer.
Classroom Furniture
Desire (D)
Class Room Furniture
Mango-1039 (S)
Classroom Desk
MANGO-1040 (S)

Classroom Desk Furniture
Scoller (S)
Classroom Chair
Mango 1120A
School Room Chair

Classroom Table with Chair
MANGO-1042 Dual
Classroom Benches Delhi
MANGO-1036 (D) EX
School Benches

School Desk Furniture
Combo Metal
School Table Furniture
Combo wooden
School Chair Delhi India
Combo Mesh

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