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Duke is a renowned college furniture manufacturer in Delhi. We manufacture all kind of classroom furniture for College which includes classroom chair, classroom table, classroom desk, classroom benches etc. The furniture manufactured here is especially designed keeping in consideration the need and requirement of a college students and staff.

The college furniture needs to be durable because of the ruff and tuff usage and also to be simple so that there is no hassle in maintenance. We are popular as the college furniture manufacturer because we ensure the safe, maintenance free and functional product at the best price. Our range of classroom furniture is versatile and easily moveable. The college chair manufactured here has good accommodation. We are trusted name for college furniture supply and it is our experience and no compromise on product quality that we are gaining the popularity among the buyers. Another appreciated feature of ours as college furniture manufacturer is that we ensure that the space is not wasted and furniture is spacious to ensure maximum utilization.

Our manufacturing is completely designed as per the client and their need. That is why we also manufacture single accommodation chairs for student. We are the popular college furniture suppliers, because of our product quality, price, after sale service and timely delivery. We here, manufacture the customized orders also therefore understand the client need to the fullest to ensure quality and satisfactory delivery.

Scroll below few of our college furniture products and send us an enquiry to know more details. We will come back to you at the earliest.

Library Furniture
Library/Cafeteria/ Hostel
Code : COMPUTER-01
Library Interior Manufacturer
Library/Cafeteria/ Hostel
Code : COMPUTER-03
Library Interior Supplier
Library/Cafeteria/ Hostel
Code : COMPUTER-05

Library Furniture Manufacturer India
Hostel Bed
Code : Mango-1042
Cafeteria Furniture
Library/Cafeteria/ Hostel
Code : Mango-1101
Cafeteria Furniture Manufacturer
Cafeteria Furniture
Code : Mango 1097

School Library Furniture
Library Furniturer
Code : Mango-1100
College Library Furniture
Library Furniturer
Code : Mango-1099
Cafeteria Furniture India
Cafeteria Center Table
Code : DLC009

Hostel Room Furniture
Library/Cafeteria/ Hostel
Code : DLC010
Cafeteria Furniture Suppliers
Cafeteria Furniture
Code : DLC011
Cafeteria Furniture Manufacturer India
Cafeteria Furniture
Code : DLC012